What makes the PPEARL Facilitators and Trainers Unique?

Here’s the list of information/data about our Facilitators. Make this section interactive and stood out from the rest:

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Effectively deliver programme and talks



Know how to use a wide range of process tools



Ability to stimulate interaction without bias



Skill to create and maintain a safe and conducive learning environmen



Practices good listening habits



Has a natural gift for providing structured Facilitation



Questions to challenge critical thinking and create new possibilities



Is not reactive in groups



Is not too rigid to allow necessary conversation



Can connect effectively with the group



Will hold the group accountable to the clock



Has a high level of social intelligence

We have a network of over 1,000 Facilitators globally and we work with them to design and deliver programmes customized especially for YOU! 

What Our Clients Say

“The PPEARL team was able to successfully deliver a workshop that enabled us to learn and understand our team’s strengths, recognize how different strengths complement each other, and realise how we can work more effectively with our colleagues.” 

userThe Risk Assurance Groups, One of the Big Four Accounting Firm

“We engaged the PPEARL team to conduct leadership training, and their service is awesome. They delivered an informative and interactive leadership training with a mix of psychology sharing and understanding how the brain works and how it affects our behavior and responses. The facilitator introduced great tools and techniques and shared relevant learning examples and encounters for change and transition management.”

userSenior Manager, Global semiconductor

“We commissioned PPEARL to deliver group coaching recently, and they did an amazing job. The coach discussed relevant real-life cases and principles and promoted an interactive session through Q&A. What I loved about the session is that the coach allowed us to raise our own problems, and then he provided advice and recommendations to improve ourselves and address our issues.” 

userSenior Manager, Global semiconductor

“The PPEARL team did a great job in developing a strength workshop programme for our partners as it was really engaging, comprehensive, and insightful. Kudos also to the facilitator for effectively leading the workshop and showcasing the benefits of the programme.” 

userSenior Manager, One of the Big Four Accounting Firm

“The PPEARL team delivered an outstanding business game simulation session. This simulation is very high-tech, informative, and fun, and all of this is one of the few moments wherein I experienced learning through gaming. The session was superb as it enabled open communication among all the team members, exchanging ideas and rendering support.” 

userSenior Manager, Global semiconductor

“The facilitator comes across as very credible and competent, with a wealth of experience. What they really felt was super helpful was the exercise on building on our strengths to sell and to get business. Participants are able to claim their strengths and practise it on their daily job. “

userDeputy Director, Head of Learning and Organisation Development, Top 15 University Globally

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