MBTI Accredited Facilitator for Virtual Teambuilding

Semiconductor company


We are looking for a MBTI Accredited Facilitator for a Semiconductor company’s Virtual Team Building.

Client/Industry: Semiconductor Company
Participants: For the CIO and his global team – 26 people across Singapore, Europe and US
Project Start Date: March 2022
Number of sessions: 2 sessions, one for each timezone
Project Duration: two 90-minute sessions (total 3 hours)
Location: Virtual

Other Information

Session Agenda Part 1 (90 mins)

  • Opening (5 mins)
  • A Word from Team Leader
  • Review Session Objectives
  • Factors that Shaped You (25 mins)
  • Introduction to MBTI (60 mins)
  • Historical Background and Context
  • Understanding Our Preferences
  • Team MBTI Type and Distribution

Session Agenda Part 2 (90 mins)

  • Team MBTI Type (15 mins)Strengths and Blind Spots
  • Understanding Your Preferences (60 mins)
  • Getting to know ‘E vs I’, ‘S vs N’, ‘T vs F’ and ‘J vs P’
  • Enhancing Team Collaboration (15 mins)
  • Action Planning and Commitment
  • Objectives and Key Deliverables
  • To understand the factors that shaped who we are
  • To increase awareness of self and team personality for greater productivity and collaboration
  • To enhance and accelerate teamwork in support of rapid business growth

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