Learning Agility and Growth Mindset Facilitator

Leadership ASEAN Program


We are looking for a Learning Agility and Growth Mindset Facilitator for the Leadership ASEAN Program of a Pharmaceutical Company.

Client/Industry: Pharmaceutical
Location: Virtual and Face-to-Face
Participants: 15 participants
Duration: April 20 – 27, 2022
Fee: TBD


Benefits for attending this program:

  • Opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills
  • Build relationships and networks with colleagues
  • Acquire insights about themselves and their personal leadership style to enhance professional and career development

Facilitator to deliver this:

How Leaders Learn. Objective: Welcome participants and remind them that leadership is a journey, instead of a one-time event. Topics: Learning Agility, Being a company leader, Growth Mindset, etc.

(2 hours – Virtual)

Perfect facilitator would be:

  • Familiar with leadership programs and experienced in program delivery, both face to face and virtual.
  • Flexible and agile to handle diverse training participants.
  • Good facilitation skills, including class management.
  • Experienced executive coach.

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