Facilitator to talk about Effective Communications and Personality

Pharmaceutical Company in Singapore


We are looking for a Facilitator to talk about Effective Communications and How Personality shapes the way you communicate for a Pharmaceutical company in Singapore.

Client/Industry: Pharmaceutical company
Team: Regional Controlling team
Date: 28 & 29 April 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Virtual or In-person (undecided)
Participants:  32 (9 countries: INDO, MY, SG, TH, VN, PH, S KR, AU, NZ)
More info: 8 HP Controllers, 11 AH Controllers, 7 EF Controllers, 1 Medicine Controller (KR), 5 ROPU centre Controllers.

Other Information:

The Controlling team has embarked on a team development journey. Last year, the focus was on being better finance business partners. They did a self-assessment on FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) and case study on controlling scenarios in the organization. Overall, the feedback was positive and people learned new information. However, they wanted the facilitator to share more knowledge and learn more from an external expert.


This year, the team will be joined by colleagues in AU and NZ, as part of a regional integration from SEASK to ASKAN. The theme is to ‘Learn & Grow.’ Specifically, the focus is on learning effective communications with a focus on presenting to different audiences.


The client wishes to begin with a personality assessment to identify their own preferences and then understand the need to master ways to communicate with different people.


Proposed workshop dates are 28 – 29 April, 9am to 1pm. The initial idea is the first day will be run internally by HR on talent development: driving development, in-house resources available, etc. The second half will be run by you, the facilitator.



  • Personality assessment e.g. MBIT, DISC, Strengths finder, Factor 5, Emergenetics
  • Communication e.g. Presentation skills (1 to many), Effective communication
  • Workshop must encourage active participation and provide industry and real-life examples and practical (Pharma, Financial Controlling)

Expected Outcome:

  • Teams understand their own personality and how it impacts the way they communicate.
  • Learn different presentation skills and how to flex them.
  • Keep a momentum post workshop to keep the theme Learn & Grow alive throughout the year (open to post-workshop interventions)

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