Expert in Leadership and Management Training

E-commerce company


We are looking for an Expert in Leadership and Management Training for an E-commerce company.

Client/Industry: E-commerce company
Participants: New project lead/ PIC role employees
Duration: 4.5 hours in total for the topics
Location of session: Virtual
No. of participants: TBD
Date: TBD
Fee: TBD

Additional info:

1. Key elements to managing a team successfully
◦ What makes a successful team – team performance, team growth, and personal growth
◦ GRPI model of team effectiveness – goal, role, process, interpersonal relationships

2. Importance of timely feedback
◦ Understand the purpose of performance feedback
◦ Task-based feedback – directed at helping members work more effectively
◦ Relational feedback – directed at help members collaborate effectively with others

3. Motivation
◦ What is motivation
◦ Basic theories of motivation
Common motivation methods


• The above is a snippet of a larger training program that the client has planned
• The target audience would be employees taking on a project lead/PIC role for the first time
They are intending to conduct this as a virtual training (~4.5 hours in total for the topics listed above)

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