Expert: Finance Function 2-Day Global Event

Electronics & Semi-Conductor Manufacturer


We are looking for an Expert needed to curate and organise a 2-day global event for the Finance function, to be held in Europe.

Industry: Electronics and Semi-conductor manufacturer

Function: Finance Department

Audience: 40-50, global attendees (from USA, Singapore, France, Italy, China, Amsterdam, etc.)

Location: Live in Europe (NOT virtual)

Date of Event: May 2022



  • The company’s overall finance function is very siloed, within Finance are corporate finance, product groups, manufacturing, finance, business, etc., all of which are different and provide a wealth of opportunities for employees to move around and keep them in the business.
  • At the moment, talent tends to stay within those silos instead of cross-functionally moved.
  • The CFO wants to break these silos. They have worked with HR to collect a talent pool and to share this with the rest of the business.


  1. How to develop people workshops, groom them and break silos completely
  2. Brainstorming and working as a team on ways to enact change and cross-pollination of talent.
  3. Functional topics around finance, strategic finance.
    What do other companies do – best practices?
  4. Any others you can think of.


Organise a 2-day agenda with speakers, breakouts, workshops, etc.


Highly experienced in and knowledgeable with finance, HR and semi-conductors/manufacturing.

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