Executive Coach for Office Manager in SME (10 Sessions)


We are looking for an Executive Coach for Office Manager in SME (10 sessions) for a client in the wood laminate wholesale and trading industry

Industry: Wood laminate, wholesale & trading, for own brand of wood laminates

Location: Singapore

Audience: Office Manager in her late 40, reporting and supporting the CEO for the last 20+ years

Duration: 10 sessions of coaching over 1 year

Deliverables: Training Content: slides, facilitator guide and breakouts, if any

Budget: S$1500 for at least 10 sessions for 1 year program.

Language: English


  1. Coaching session was suggested by their CEO, she is a willing participant
    Intention of the coaching to help her to see her strengths and development areas from the aspect of personal life and work.

  2. Many colleagues find it hard to work with her; she feels she has done a lot, she lacks motivation and feels burned out

  3. The CEO has done some coaching with her this year

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