Organizational Sustainability Series from Singapore


Achieving Sustainable Digital Transformation

You may have heard the buzzwords digital transformation and digital business more and more in recent years, but what do they mean? Why do they matter to your company? And how can you achieve them in a sustainable manner that doesn’t leave you or your employees feeling overwhelmed?

The ‘Organizational Sustainability Series – from Singapore.’ is a webinar series co-organized by PPEARLCognitive Talent Solutions (CTS), DCH – International Organization of Human Capital Directors, and HR Tech Hub. In partnership with Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP).

The third episode entitled “Achieving Sustainable Digital Transformation” will be held on February 10 at 5 PM SGT. This will be structured as a fireside chat, providing the audience with the speakers’ perspective on the best tools, resources and practices that help companies achieve sustainability through digital transformation.

Valerie Yeo is the Lead Consultant at Civil Service College. Valerie has over 10 years of experience of providing consulting & advisory services in the areas of employee engagement, organization development, managing enterprise change and transformation, leadership development, capability development (of HR & OD practice) and facilitation, particularly in the Singapore Public Service.

Francisco Marin is the Co-founder & CEO at Cognitive Talent Solutions, a leading People Analytics vendor specializing in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), being recognized as one of the global top 12 vendors shaping the ONA space.

Bidyut Dumra is the Executive Director / Head of Innovation at DBS Bank. With over fifteen years of professional experience in various multi-national organizations, coupled with a Master’s in Business Management, Bidyut has developed strong commercial acumen and a holistic view of business imperatives and functions. He has undertaken senior-management positions in media, entertainment, telecommunications, automotive, utility and aviation which includes in-field exposure with markets such as Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

Natasha KK Mak-Levrion is the Founder & CEO at PPEARL, a consulting firm headquartered in Singapore with offices in Australia, Philippines, and South Africa. PPEARL’s consulting model is geared towards the Future of Work where their network of over 1,200 Experts deliver work across 6 broad domains: People, Digital Innovation, Business, Sustainability, Change Management, and Design.

Francisco Marin

Co-Founder & CEO

Cognitive Talent Solutions

Valerie Yeo

Lead Consultant

Civil Service College

Bidyut Dumra

Executive Director / Head of Innovation

DBS Bank

Natasha KK

Co-Founder & CEO


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