My new role is a homecoming.

Since its birth in 2004, PPEARL has had tribulations and triumphs, it fell down, grew, was sold, morphed and adapted. Some things, though, remain constant: our culture of agility, compassion and resilience – always evolving in an agile way to meet demands of our clients, technology or the environment (often all 3 together!); our underlying ethos to be compassionate and be ever-willing to serve others before ourselves; our resilience to embrace adversity with dignity and turn it into a learning experience that only makes us stronger.

Today, PPEARL’s focus lies in three key areas: Learning and Development, Skill Acquisition and Talent Advisory, underpinned by an Ecosystem powered by people and AI. Through an unmatched combination of impactful solutions, insightful data, continuous dialogue and AI-powered technology, we bring simple yet powerful outcomes for individuals and organisations. Ultimately, PPEARL’s mission is to shape the way people and organisations work through a global movement where mutual support, co-creation and sharing resources generously is the next normal, paving the way to a sustainable model for the Future of Work.

Watch this space! I promise to tell you more soon! 😄 If you are a consultant: PING ME! #newjob #homecoming

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