Exclusive Partnership with Cognitive Talent Solutions

Unleash the power of your organisation through people analytics with Cognitive Talent Solutions

We are very excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Cognitive Talent Solutions (CTS) - a People Analytics company being one of the only two vendors in the industry offering both active and passive ONA capabilities. With a common goal to support innovative companies and startups in providing Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), an insightful evaluation on how people show up in an organisation which opens innovation, employee engagement, efficiency, productivity, and increases wellbeing. These are the focal area in the creation of an environment and culture that drives competitive advantage and business growth that both PPEARL and Cognitive Talent Solutions aims to achieve.

About Cognitive Talent Solutions

Cognitive Talent Solutions focuses its activity on Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) and Organisational Restructuring powered by AI. ONA allows you to visualize and analyze both formal and informal relationships that exist within your organisation, enabling you to model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment with a developed patent-pending technology integrated into a proprietary cloud-based platform, the Cognitive Network Analyzer™. Cognitive Talent Solutions has been highlighted by David Green as one of the Top 12 vendors shaping the ONA space.

What is Cognitive Network Analyzer?

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ is a scalable cloud-based platform providing a data-driven approach to organisational network analysis. It enables your organisation to inform and accelerate decision-making through the integration of social capital metrics, enhancing the identification of change facilitators and high-potential employees and monitoring the collaboration dynamics of remote teams among other use cases.


  • Active Organisational Network Analysis
  • Passive Organisational Network Analysis
  • Organisational Restructuring Simulation
  • Use cases:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Organisational Silo Mitigation
  • Burnout Risk Assessment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • “At CTS, we are really excited to announce an exclusive partnership in Singapore with PPEARL, who will enable our clients in Singapore, and other countries in Asia Pacific, to get a combination of scalable ONA technology and customized consulting services in a way that will enable them to maximize the success of their ONA deployments, and create value for the organizations in a sustainable manner.” - says Francisco Marin, Co-founder and CEO at Cognitive Talent Solutions.

    What's next for 'Future of Work'?

    PPEARL and Cognitive Talent Solutions will launch the ‘Organizational Sustainability Series – from Singapore’ this October 07 in collaboration with DCH, HR Tech Hub, and Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP). The series will explore the organisational sustainability challenges currently faced by companies and the role that technology plays in addressing them.

    The partnership with Cognitive Talent Solutions comes right on time! - this November, they will be speaking in our expanded Agony Expert Series. As an expert in ONA, you will learn how People Analytics can assist in visualizing how communications, information, and decisions flow through your organisation.

    Stay tuned as we roll out exciting things.

    For more information about Cognitive Talent Solutions, please visit:

    Learn more about Organisational Network Analysis:

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