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PPEARL's in-house training and workshops are developed and presented by experienced Consultants.

Our training services are a natural extension of our work, hence clients benefit from the transfer in knowledge from learning best practices from our experience in occupational psychology and organisational development.

Each training approach is unique and individual, as we believe in working together with our clients to understand the requirements to provide customised solutions for the particular situation and the organisational goals.

We believe in going beyond transfer of knowledge by focusing on how to apply learning in simulated practical sessions. Our approach allows interactive, hands-on sessions in a relaxing and motivating learning environment.

Our training programs include:-

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     Assessor Training

The PPEARL Assessor Training course will equip HR and Line Managers with the skills required to act as assessors in Assessment Centres. The course will involve significant practical work, in which delegates will participate in and observe the exercises used in the ACs, on top of being trained to score and interpret results. Pre-course and evening course work is provided to enhance learning. During the Assessor Training course, delegates will:

Learn how to assess candidates’ behaviour in simulation exercises against competencies
Understand, score and interpret all simulation exercises throughout
Mini-practice session as candidates
Scoring and interpreting exercises using assessment guides and scoring forms
Learn Competency-based Interviewing skills required to interview candidates
Understand the application of the exercises used in the Assessment Centers
Understand the Evidence Review process of data collection, reviewing of data, rating competencies and identifying strengths and development needs
Learn how to conduct one-to-one post AC feedback sessions
Understand how to manage the back-end process of the AC programme, such as time-tabling, roles, materials, logistics, etc.
  Assessor Training Brochure
     Competency Based Interviewing

The CBI approach is commonly used to standardise and reduce subjectivity in interviewing, which in turn strengthens the interview process and increases the validity of information gathered. It focuses on critical competencies (or specific job related criteria) and seeks to obtain objective information from candidates through specific past examples.

The theoretical portion of the CBI workshop emphasises the importance of setting standards and requirements for interviews, and ensuring all interviewers hold a common understanding of the competencies required for effective performance within a role. Delegates also go through interactive sessions to learn from a hands-on approach by interviewing mock candidates. Exercises and practical sessions of develop these key skills:

  Competency Based Interviewing
Identifying appropriate competency weightings for specific jobs
Developing behavioural questions related to a job
Conducting a competency based interview
Systematic and consistent evaluation and rating
Conducting panel interviews

Each delegate has a chance to conduct a CBI while fellow delegates observe and give feedback. There is the option to video tape the session so the delegate is able to review his/her performance while a tutor presents structured feedback. Additionally, ‘real’ candidates will be sought to play the roles of the interviewees.

     Introduction to Psychometric Workshops / Test Administration

PPEARL's expertise in organisational psychology allows us to provide comprehensive psychometric solutions for our clients. The PPEARL Introduction to Psychometric workshop complements and leverages on our expertise to familiarize HR managers with the concepts, applications and processes involved in psychometric testing. The workshop can be conducted for organizations starting to adopt the psychometric methodology and or for organizations seeking to refresh their knowledge on these tools. At the end of the workshop, delegates should have knowledge of:-

The advantage of using psychometric tools in organisations
A brief history of the development of psychometric tools
The different types of psychometric tools available
Applications of psychometric tools and the different types of psychometric tools in organizations
How psychometric tools fit into the overall process in the organisation
The processes involved in psychometric testing (test administration, scoring and interpreting results, feedback)

To facilitate an interactive and hands-on training session, delegates can trial selected psychometric tests and receive reports to facilitate deeper understanding of the tool’s application.

     Team Building using the MBTI ® 

PPEARL’s approach to team building session is one that encompasses psychometric and behavioural evaluation. PPEARL’s philosophy is that providing the opportunities for clients to reflect on one’s own behaviour style and its effect on others will bring about positive long term changes for the individual and the team.

PPEARL recommends the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument, combining it with experiential learning activities to improve communication, reduce conflict and increase awareness of the need for teamwork.

The MBTI® assessment is the most widely used personality assessment. More than 2 million instruments are used worldwide each year by individuals and organizations, including 89 of the Fortune 100. It allows individuals to explore and better understand their own personality type, and to relate it to the personality types of other people with whom they interact. The MBTI® will help teams to:

  Team Building using the MBTI ® 
Help recognise, appreciate and make use of the strengths of each type in the group;
Help group members grow in their development as each learns from the skills of the other;
Conduct meetings so as to take advantage of the contributions of each type;
Help those who work and live together to understand how previously irritating and obstructive differences can become a source of amusement, interest and strength.

The PPEARL MBTI® team building experience is broken up into 2 main sections:

  1. MBTI® theory and administration:
    The team is introduced to the MBTI® theory, following which the MBTI® instrument is administered and a team type is developed.
  2. Discovery exercises:
    The discovery exercises aims to help the team explore and understand the personality ‘mix’ within the team, hence leading the team to better understand the roles that each individual could play, the type of conflicts that might exists in the team and how it might be overcome. This section of the team building experience is fully experiential in nature. Each experiential exercise will be facilitated.
     Saville Consulting Wave Accreditation Training 

Saville Consulting Wave® is not just another personality questionnaire. It efficiently assesses an Individual’s motives, talent and fit to organisational culture all from a single questionnaire, and offers sophisticated individual and corporate diagnostics. It measures more critical information for the enhanced assessment and development of talent, more accurately, more comprehensively and with greater validity in less time. In short, it provides consultants and organisations with the means to transform the way they assess, recruit, develop and manage individuals, teams and work culture. Delegates who complete the course successfully will:- 

Have a good understanding of the 21st Century issues regarding Talent Management and the use of objective assessment.
Have a thorough appreciation of how the multi-dimensional Wave® can revolutionise assessment in their own organisation.
Have learnt how to interpret the Wave® and provide feedback on reports to Individuals and Line Managers.
Have an in-depth understanding of how Wave® can be used to identify talent and development needs, assist with counselling and coaching initiatives, and enhance selection decisions


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