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Selecting Your Talent  
Job Analysis and Competency Modelling

A competency model is the heart of any integrated HR solution. We design competency models that can clearly identify with organisational business strategies and functional competencies, ensuring seamless connection to various HR and Organisational Development systems and processes.

Research has shown that a well-designed competency model can:

Link your recruitment strategy to identify the right talent for the right positions.
Inspire employee commitment by communicating clear culture and values.
Identify competency gaps to develop systematic learning and development opportunities.
Link internal strategies for talent management succession planning solutions.
We conduct job analysis and competency design via a variety of job diagnostic exercises to derive specific pressure points within a job. These then form the ‘blueprint', or criteria from which to select the right people.

By matching the profile of a candidate to the ‘blueprint' of a role, employers can accurately identify the individual(s) who is most likely to perform well in a job.

We design jobs and competencies in context of the wider organisation and take into account how functional work-flows impact the relationship between jobs, people and company strategy.

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