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Selecting Your Talent  
Assessment Centres and Development Centres
Research has shown that work sample or job simulation assessments are highly valid predictors of on-the-job success, while ability tests provide insight into an individual's aptitude and future potential.

An Assessment or Development Centre essentially combines a variety of such methods to provide a comprehensive methodology to assess individuals, especially in large numbers and group-based environments, against selected competencies for selection and/or development.

In Assessment or Development Centres, candidates typically go through a combination of the following:
Psychometric tests
Work simulation exercises
Competency based interview
360° feedback questionnaire
All of the tools provide behavioural evidence to determine whether the candidate measures up against the competencies desired for the organisation or the position.

The Assessment and Development Centre methodology can help clients make selection, training and development decisions clearer and more accurate. These include:
To assess, identify and understand individual and organisational strengths and limitations.
To identify the shift in key competencies required after merger or restructure.
To recognise where the talent pools lie for succession planning.
Hence, selection, training and development decisions become much clearer and more accurate.
PPEARL's expertise in organisational psychology allows us to provide comprehensive solutions in Assessment and Development Centre design and delivery to our clients.
Our accreditation with a range of BPS-approved test publishers allows clients to leverage on our access to a wide range of work simulation exercises and psychometric tools to incorporate them within their centres.

Our expertise in occupational testing also provides clients the option to customise and design work simulation exercises tailored to meet their job, organisational and resource specifications.

Application of Expertise

  • Job analysis to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that define the
  success of the organisation and the job holder.
  • Assessment matrix design (selecting the best tools to assess the   competencies in the centre).
  • Assessor skills training to equip client staff to play a bigger part in the process.
  • Access to off-the-shelf psychometric and work simulation exercises through
  our accreditation with test publishers.
  • Design customised work simulation exercises and case studies.
  • Provide skilled assessors to run an entire Assessment and Development
  • Interpret results and make recommendations for selection, development
  and promotion.
  • Provide individual or group feedback to candidates to increase their
  self-awareness and facilitate development in relation to their job function.
  • Post AC/DC report writing.

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