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Interest Inventories and Motivation Questionnaires

Interest Inventories
Interest inventories assess an individual's personal preference or liking for specific types of job related activities. They are designed to cover different ranges of age, experience and occupations. Interest inventories are useful for careers guidance, selection, placement, development and counselling.
Some of the interest inventories and motivation questionnaires we use in our projects are:
Strong Interest Inventory
Work Interest Schedule
SHL Interest Inventory
SHL Motivation Questionnaire
PSL Motivation Questionnaire
Motivation questionnaires
Motivation questionnaires assesses the energy with which an individual approaches tasks, and situations that increase and reduce motivation. It also helps to determine how long and under what circumstances effort will be maintained and what triggers stress in an individual.
At PPEARL, applications for interest inventories and motivation questionnaires include:
Management development
Career counselling and placement
Outplacement counselling
Succession planning
Performance management
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