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Personality Questionnaires

Personality questionnaires are powerful tools that will allow you to predict an individual's behaviour and attitude at work.

The key to using a personality questionnaire is a good understanding of the position at hand and matching the personality traits to those required to excel in the role.

For example, one would generally expect a sales person to be persuasive, competitive, have high levels of energy, sociable and outgoing. Thus a candidate who does not have the traits may be less suitable, and specific probing in development areas to ascertain his/her suitability can be done before making a decision. 
Some of the personality questionnaires we use at PPEARL are:
1. Saville Consulting Wave ®
2. Pearson Assessment's Orpheus and Giotto Questionnaires
3. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
4. SHL's OPQ32
5. 16PF

We typically use these questionnaires as they are widely recognised and well-validated tools developed for occupational assessment in the work-environment.

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