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Ability Tests

An ability test measures an individual's performance in a specific area and the result is benchmarked against a large pool of people.  The resulting percentile allows you to clearly see your candidate's performance in comparison to other individuals of a similar demographic background, or norm group.

Ability tests are particularly useful to distinguish between individuals who have future potential and those who are Ďacademically diligent'.  While someone may have performed well in their studies and obtained good academic results, research has shown that individuals with a higher aptitude usually perform better in their jobs and have a stronger potential to succeed. They are generally able to grasp new concepts quickly and are likely require less support in the long run. 
PPEARL uses a wide range of different ability tests on the market, such as:
Verbal usage and reasoning
Numerical computation and reasoning
Spatial reasoning
Symbolic and diagrammatic reasoning
Clerical, computer, audio and text checking
Fault diagnosis
Mechanical comprehension
Manual dexterity
These tests range in level of difficulty, from entry level to senior management/ Director level.

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